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Dumbbell Moves Volume 1 DVD

DUMBBELL MOVES VOLUME 1 includes 40 different dumbbell movements. These movements will improve your strength, stamina, athletic power, balance, agility and coordination.

All of the exercises are easy to grasp and understand. No matter the level of experience, you will see the movements demonstrated with only the necessary coaching pointers. You need not be an exercise expert or hold a degree in higher mathematics to use these exercises. All you will need is a set of light to moderate dumbbells and this DVD and you will be ready to exercise.

Dumbbells are the orphaned tools of the fitness industry. Left to basic arm movements, like arm curls and triceps extensions, dumbbells are misunderstood and misused.

Athletes, did you know that you can improve your golf drive, tennis serve, and hill running talent with dumbbell compound exercises? When you use dumbbells with compound exercises your core is worked to an extreme level. I recently trained a high school basketball athlete with nothing but dumbbells and put 3 inches on his vertical jump!

Did you ask about fat loss? By combining dumbbell movements you create one of the most intense fat burning environments for the body. With consistent practice and intelligent eating fat will burn at an accelerated rate.

If you are a coach you will be thrilled to have movements that you can use with your athletes. The movements in DUMBBELL MOVES VOLUME 1 are perfect for limited space, limited equipment and limited supervision. If your talents as a coach are stretched to the maximum you will be thrilled with the additional weapons you will have at your disposal.

With the DUMBBELL MOVES VOLUME 1 DVD you will finally have an at home exercise program that produces results. With dumbbells coming in at eight cents per pound, they are THE most cost effective exercise tool available today. No monthly payments here!

The DUMBBELL MOVES VOLUME 1 DVD is for everyone. The presentation progresses from introductory movements to intermediate and finally advanced drills. You will have a built-in progression with this package.

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